Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance


Through rigorous research and reporting, CAFHA equips fair housing advocates, community organizations and jurisdictions with innovative strategies to affirmatively further fair housing. Learn more about our issues, campaigns, victories, and research in the region and across the nation.


Fair Housing & Equity Assessment

Fair Housing & Equity Assessment: Metropolitan ChicagoThis report discusses and analyzes impediments to fair housing in the Chicago metropolitan area and recommends actions that affirmatively further fair housing. The report then outlines the root causes of segregation and describes the current state of fair housing infrastructure. The report concludes with a series of recommendations focused on cultivating diversity, expanding access to areas of opportunity, and investing in disinvested communities.



Housing & Education Report

Chicago Housing & Education Inequity ReportThis report outlines the research regarding the benefits of integrated schools, analyzes the link between housing and education, assess the ways in which segregation has fueled both the current state of education in Chicago and may be aggravated by CPS’ reforms, and make recommendations for ameliorating segregation and furthering school diversity.



Response to The End of the Segregated Century

Response to the End of the Segregated Century: A study published by the Manhattan Institute, THE END OF THE SEGREGATED CENTURY, declares that American neighborhoods are nearing the end of racial segregation. The report received attention especially from those tuned into ongoing housing and education debates regarding racial segregation and disparities in opportunity. We see this report as part of a very troubling trend in which the dialogue regarding race and opportunity is further buried in public discourse.


Report Reveals Persistent Discrimination Against Section 8/Voucher Holders: This report, authored by the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, reveals persistent discrimination against African-American housing voucher holders and persons with disabilities. It is critical that we confront the extensive discrimination against voucher holders – the majority of whom are families with children, people with disabilities, the elderly, and veterans.

Why is Fair Housing in Chicago Still an Issue in 2014?: CAFHA Executive Director, Morgan P Davis, and Board President, Rob Breymaier, joined the Morning AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams of WBEZ’s Vocalo to discuss CAFHA’s Fair Housing and Equity Assessment, how segregation affects our daily lives in the city from education to crime to quality of life, and touched on some solutions for these problems.

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