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Spotlight on Housing: CAFHA’s Discussion with Maurice McGough

In May of this year, Maurice “Maury” McGough was named Regional Director for Region V for HUD which covers Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. Mr. McGough brings over thirty years of experience in fair housing to the table.  His experience is quite varied and includes working in the field as a community organizer in Northwest Indiana and Ohio and in top level management positions.  He was the first Executive Director of the Northwest Indiana Open Housing Center in Gary, Indiana and served as Staff Director for the Neighborhood Uniting project in Prince Georges County in Maryland.   Since joining HUD in 1985, he has worked as a liaison to private fair housing organizations and was in charge of the region’s systemic investigations branch.  He directed all of HUD’s civil rights programs in Minnesota and Illinois for several years prior to being named Regional Director.  As Regional Director, he is responsible for all of HUD’s civil rights program activities including fair housing enforcement, civil rights compliance and community education and outreach.

In addition to his formal, on the job training, McGough has worked with many fair housing legends in the region including Bill Tisdale in Milwaukee, Karla Irvine in Cincinnati, Cliff Schrupp in Detroit and Bill Caruso in Chicago and credits them with helping his passion for fair housing.  He will need all of his knowledge to address the challenges of the future.  Although his resources have been diminished, his goals remain ambitions.  He hopes to build an infrastructure in support of integrated communities and improve coordination among all the HUD offices in the region.  He also plans to contribute to HUD’s efforts to affirmatively further fair housing.  This will require, among other things, closer working relationships between fair housing and affordable housing advocates as well as with FHIPs and FHAPs.  And, last but certainly not least, Mr. McGough plans to maintain the standard of excellence established by his predecessor, Barbara Knox.

We are fortunate to have Mr. McGough in charge of this region.  He is a fighter and a friend.   

CAFHA’s Allison Bethel, Clinical Professor and Director of John Marshall Law School’s Fair Housing Legal Clinic, recently caught up with Maury McGough to learn more about his new position and HUD’s plans for the affirmatively furthering of fair housing. View the dialogue in its entirety here:

Maury Mcgough spotlight